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symposium #7

Internet Auditoriums
LOCUS SONUS audio in art
LAMES MMSH Sociology Research Lab - University of Provence

24 & 25 march 2012
9am to 6pm

Grand Auditorium - École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Nantes
-- (School of Architecture of Nantes)

24 march 2012
9pm, free entrance

Foyer Haut - Le Lieu Unique
in collaboration with LOCUS SOLUS, Rare music & Invented instruments
on the 17th and 18th of March, 2012, website.

ensa école nationale supérieure d'architecture nantes / school of architecture nantes
lieu unique
école supérieure d'art d'aix en provence / school of arts aix en provence
école nationale supérieure d'art de bourges / school of arts bourges
lames laboratoire de sociologie mmsh cnrs umr 7305 université de provence / sociology research lab university of provence
accord-cadre cnrs / ministère de la culture / cnrs research agency & french ministry of culture
ministère de la culture et de la communication / french ministry of culture

partnerships :
université laval québec / laval university quebec (ca)
crisap creative research into soundart practices, lcc, university of the arts london (uk)
rpi rensselaer polytechnic institute university of troy ny (us)
saic school of the art institute of chicago (us)
deutschlandradio kultur klangkunst berlin (de)
emerge experimental media research group bournemouth university (uk)
faculty of music oxford university (uk)

gersa groupe d'étude et de recherche scénologique en architecture ensa nantes / research group on theater & architecture studies (f)
laua langages actions urbaines altérités ensa nantes / research group on languages, urban actions & othernesses (f)
apo33 nantes (f)

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Symposium #7 - Internet Auditoriums
An auditorium is a place of listening.

The term refers both to the architectural structure; the framework defining or hosting a place of listening and to the acoustic and technical design ―shared, collective and simultaneous― which allows an audience, or a group of auditors to be together in a listening “space”.
The dimensions and conditions; the nature of these spaces and the way we perceive them have progressively evolved in accordance with social, aesthetic and technical changes in audio broadcasting and other forms of audio distribution. The spaces of these auditoriums are continuously being explored and re-organised for artistic purposes (music, sound arts, radio broadcasting).

This symposium will focus on auditoriums, their interrelations and influences within a technological framework and from the point of view of artistic assimilation and reception. Our intention is to clarify both current and past issues, which up until now have possibly been considered from a unique viewpoint. Thus, this reflexion convokes various domains: sound anthropology, sociology of communication, history and geography of sound spaces, acoustics, architecture, musicology, radiophonic studies, art history, aesthetics, philosophy, etc. And of course, artistic and musical creativity.

Social practices, including artistic usage, have always deployed and instrumented sound techniques and technology, contributing towards the emergence of today’s digital, networked auditoriums.
Our purpose is to interrogate those characteristics: visual and audio; strategic and scenographic ― the praxis of sound production and reception, which have developed through and for these spaces. These characteristics include: the concurrence of presence(s) and the reconstruction of absence(s) (schizophonia, acousmatic situation, sound spatialization, audio streaming, etc.); the orchestrated, co-ordinated and syntonic collaboration of participants and performers; the specific nature of musical processes and audio streams; the pervasive nature of sound.

Thus, hypothetically, the Internet has become a universe of “auditoriums”; a vast panoply of auditor spaces, be they public or private, synchronous or asynchronous; to be considered among all the other social and architectural places of listening. We need to identify and analyse: issues relating to this geographical and temporal distribution and dispersion; the re-organisation of these spaces as they are traversed by sound, transported and propagated in new ways.
The segmentation or dislocation of music and sound devices in a network should not obscure our perception of its coherent structure, which we propose can simultaneously be homogenous and in disjunction.

a) - What are the new forms of listening ? What are their purposes and what issues do they raise ? What realms of imagination do or can they engage ?

b) - Does the current diversity of reception and listening modalities, increase or restrict perception of our sound environment in its temporal and spatial immediacy or expansion ?

c) - How are new auditoriums modifying our reception and perception of different artistic productions ?

d) - What are their structural characteristics, how are they set up and developed ?

e) - What are the means and conditions necessary for the instrumentation of these particular types of listening ? How do current techniques establish and encourage specific forms of listening and perception, and how do they participate in building new ‘acoustics’ ?

f) - What conditions favour the formation of these audiences, who engage in both individual and collective listening? How are these specific modes of action, participation and sharing approached and apprehended ?

g) - How do they modify and influence artistic practice (related to both music and sound) and from a wider point of view, social auditory praxis ?

The INTERNET AUDITORIUMS symposium is organised by Locus Sonus (École Supérieure d'Art d'Aix en Provence, École Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Bourges - Schools of Arts Aix en Provence & Bourges) and by LAMES MMSH (Laboratoire Méditerranéen de Sociologie - Sociology research lab),

with the partnerships of École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Nantes (School of Architecture of Nantes), and Le Lieu Unique (Nantes)
with the help and support of the Research Agency & French Ministry of Culture framework agreement.


The AUDITORIUMS INTERNET symposium takes place on 2 days from the 24th to the 25th of March, 2012.

Each day you can access to :
  • a first day with two roundtables at amphi250 / School of Architecture of Nantes from 9am to 6pm : 1/ Listening, Today (9:30am-12:30am), 2/ Extending Listening (2pm-5pm), with presentations of projects (5:30pm-6:30pm)
  • an evening show with demos, performances, videos, concerts and listenings at Le Lieu Unique, Foyer Haut, from 9m to midnight
  • a second day with two other roundtables at amphi250 / School of Architecture of Nantes from 9am to 6pm : : 3/ Locating Listening (9am-noon), 4/ Listening to the fluxes (2pm-5pm)
On Saturday morning at 9am, Stéphane Doré, Jean-Paul Ponthot et Philippe Bataille, respectively directors of : École Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Bourges (School of Arts Bourges), École Supérieure d'Art d'Aix en Provence (School of Arts Aix en Provence) et École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Nantes (School of Architecture of Nantes), will introduce the two-day symposium.
Each roundtable are organised by a moderator. The English and French translations is executed by Interlingua Events Nantes.

The access to the symposium is open to researchers, artists, students and people interested in the topic of the symposium.
Thanks for subscribing by contacting Anne Roquigny

from the 24th to the 25th of March, 2012

  SATURDAY 24 MARCH (School of Architecture of Nantes, Grand Auditorium)   access map
9:00am Roundtable 1 :

moderator: Jérôme Joy (Locus Sonus)

Panel :

Jérôme Joy

Julien Clauss

Marcus Gammel

Katrin Moll

Marilou Polymeropoulou

Bruno Suner

Alain Renaud

With remote participation by
Jocelyn Robert and Atau Tanaka

Listening, Today

Les Auditoriums Internet
The Internet Auditoriums

Modulations, un auditorium en plein air
Modulations, an "out of the open" auditorium

The media's blind spot: Who is listeníng any way?

RADIOORTUNG - Mobile Narratives in Public Space

The Chip Music Internet Auditorium: Everyday Listening Practices in an Online Music Community

Formes et évolutions de l’auditorium de concert
History of the concert hall

Interacting over distributed spaces; context, challenges and applications

bio Joy
bio Clauss
bio Gammel
bio Moll
bio Polymeropoulou
bio Suner
bio Renaud
12:30 lunch      
2:00pm Roundtable 2 :

moderator: Samuel Bordreuil (LAMES)

Panel :

Bill Fontana

Pauline Oliveros

Anne Laforet & Peter Sinclair

Kasper T. Toeplitz

With remote participation by
Scot Gresham-Lancaster and Roger Malina

Extending Listening
(sensorium & perception)

The Act of Listening as a way of Making Music

Stretched Boundaries — Connecting Across Abilities, Networks and Practices

New Atlantis, un monde virtuel multi-utilisateurs en réseau dédié à l'expérimentation sonore / New Atlantis, a multi-user virtual world dedicated to sonic experimentation

La vision intérieure et la cécité auditive / The inner vision and the blindness hearing

bio Fontana
bio Oliveros

bio Laforet
bio Sinclair
bio Toeplitz
5:00pm Demos :

Projects :

Stéphane Cousot

Bruno Suner & Laurent La Torpille

along the symposium
Installations and performances :
Modulations, by Julien Clauss
SplitSoundscape, by Grégoire Lauvin
Rarea Aves, by Alejo Duque

(around the auditoriums)

NMSAT, l'architecture des données
NMSAT, data architecture

(place haute, close to the library)

bio Cousot
bio La Torpille
    LIEU UNIQUE, Foyer Haut   access map
from 9:00pm to midnight DEMOS :  
 Concerts, Videos, Sound Works & Performances 

  •  Bill Fontana (sound works)
  •  Ximena Alarcón (networked project)
  •  Jérôme Joy (networked concert)
  •  Pauline Oliveros (concert and networks)
  •  Matthieu Saladin (sound work)
  •  Pauline Oliveros & Ione (concert & networks)
  •  Marilou Polymeropoulou (movie)
  •  Mariateresa Sartori (sound works)
  •  Julien Ottavi (performance & networks)
  •  Kasper T. Toeplitz (concert)
  •  and guests : Ione (bio), Emmanuelle Gibello (bio)
  SUNDAY 25 MARCH (School of Architecture of Nantes, Grand Auditorium)   access map
9:00am Roundtable 3 :

moderator: Samuel Bordreuil (LAMES)

Panel :

Samuel Bordreuil

Anne Bossé

Anthony Pecqueux

Mariateresa Sartori

Locating Listening

Collective listenings and how to concert them

La visite comme activité collective de réception
Visiting, as a collective action of reception

Que s’écoute-t-il? Attention, manque d’attention
What are we listening to ? Attention and lack of attention

The Sound of Language

bio Bordreuil
bio Bossé
bio Pecqueux
bio Sartori
noon lunch      
1:30pm Roundtable 4 :

moderator: Matthieu Saladin (University of Paris 1 – Panthéon-Sorbonne)

Panel :

Matthieu Saladin

Anselm Nehls

Alejo Duque

Grégoire Lauvin

Ximena Alarcón

Julien Ottavi

L'Écoute des Flux
(Listening to the Fluxes)

Les flux de la 6ème avenue en ligne : écouter le « trafic » après John Cage
Online audio fluxes on the 6th Ave. : listening to the « traffic jam » after John Cage

Listening to the German Twitter stream

Rarae Aves -

SplitSoundscape, biorama sonore
SplitSoundscape, a sonic biorama

From Sounding Underground to Networked Migrations: listening that dislocates and integrates physical mobilities

L'écoute distanciée ou le temps des machines
Distance listening or synchronizing to the machines

bio Saladin
bio Nehls
bio Duque
bio Lauvin
bio Alarcón
bio Ottavi
5:00pm Closing by Stéphane Doré, Jean-Paul Ponthot, Jérôme Joy and Philippe Bataille
5:30pm (end of the symposium)      
    The access to the symposium is public. Thanks for subscribing by contacting Anne Roquigny

Audio and video recordings are realized by Solange Grenna and Apo33 Nantes, and the English and French translations by Interlingua Events Nantes.

technical team :
apo33 (thanks to Romain, Tristan and Julien)
lieu unique (thanks to Pierre and Pierre)
ensa nantes (thanks to Amédée Legal)
thanks to Laura

school of architecture / école nationale supérieure d'architecture, nantes

lieu unique, nantes

maps and contacts

Anne Roquigny: admin (at)      mob : +33 (0)6 62 11 04 54
Jérôme Joy : joy (at)

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