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Projets (2007)

Sabrina Issa

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Bio Sabrina Issa

Realisation : Concert Sympathique Mondial (World Concert Sympathetic Nerve)

The World Concert Sympathetic Nerve proceeds in a performatif space made up of eight moving sound sources.

Sounds in continuous flows come from 8 microphones opened by the streamers (people having answered the call  of the Locus Sonus laboratory) in various places. 4 flows make it possible the streamers to remotely meet, to get along mutually, to communicate,  and to bring testimonys on their experiment of streamers. In parallel 4 other sources (collecting of sound landscapes) are spatialized according to a

behavioral logic starting from simple rules:

  • attraction repulsion
  • and/or orientation/reorientation.

In real time all the sounds interact  within the same space. A video graphic interface projected in the space of meeting (also visible simultaneously on Internet) gives a global vision of the position of each protagonist, and displacement of the sound in space.

It is then a question of locally leaving free course with the peregrination  of the voices réagencées permanently in space. The meetings are spatialized and invented with the wire of time there, the listener is in the heart of a scenography which it has him to even invent.

Open call (Locus Sonus Roadshow, GMEM, Marseille, sept. 2007)

Hello, this mail is an invitation to be taken part in live organized  by one of the members of the Locusonus team, for September the 27 and 28. An overall picture of the project is explained below.... Over  approximately 40 minutes, four among you will have the possibility of meeting and of performer their exchanges on a spacialized space, words, voices,  installing why not gradually a duet.... Technically: you will have an interface of control (x:y) to move you on the space of performance. A visual  monitoring of this general space is available via the Net. You will be able to also hear near your sound environment thanks to one returns live streams.  Please say to me, if you are interresting with the project, in order to we  can plan tests arround the 20 of September for the live one.

Thank you, I remain at your disposal for further information.


Hello, Sabrina of the laboratory Locus Sonus invites you to take part in a streaming performance which will take place the 27, September 28 and 29 during the exposure Locus Sonus Roadshow in Marseilles with the GMEM (Group of Experimental Music of Marseilles): the World Concert Sympathetic nerve. The public is invited during these 3 days to attend the performances and to visit the installations that the team of the laboratory Locus Sonus realized during this year. Roadshow is a presentation of the tracks of experimentation and achievements of the laboratory. On the site, you have the description of these achievements.

To take part in the World Concert Sympathetic nerve, it is asked to you to open a second open microphone (stream) in parallel of that which you already set up. Your stream will be received in a spatialized sound space which will be continuously driving initially and which then you will be able to remotely control by yourself in the second time. The sound space of spatialization is thought like a space of "conversations": over approximately 40 minutes, 8 streams, including 4 of Locustream (open microphones) and 4 performer, are diffused in this space, cross, meet, stop, etc. You will be able to feed your stream according to the mode of the performance: to use your voice and /ou sound materials, to testify and describe your stream which forms part of Locustream, to return your micro mobile, to engage of the sound and vocal dialogues with the others streamers present, etc.

Technically: we will transmit a patch Pd to remotely control your displacements (x/y) in the space of performance, and to receive the stream sound return of spatialization and an image to you webcam of the visual interface of the spatialisator. The stream return will correspond to your point of listening in the space of diffusion: it is with-statement the sound environment near to your virtual point as in the RL. You will be able to thus regulate your displacements according to your listening, and vice versa. Please say to me, if you are interessed by the project, in order to we can plan tests September the 25 and 26 for the live one. I will provide you thereafter the schedules (GMT) for performer the device. at your disposal for further information. Sabrina.