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1923 __ Tampereen Radio
Comment : Broadcasting began in Finland in 1923 in Tampere by a veteran radio amateur Mr. Arvi Hauvonen (1899-1973). His station Tampereen Radio (Radio of Tampere) operated 1923-1930, with power of 10 - 150 watts. (Jari Lehtinen & Barry Mishkind)"Attention, attention 3NB Tampere." The very first public broadcasting radio station 'Tampereen radio' (The Tampere radio) was founded in 1924. Even in its very early days, the radio was an important medium for distributing information as well as entertainment. A single radio receiver used to attract listeners even from afar, and radio was the sole source of news from around the world during the war. (Rupriikki Media Museum)
Urls : http://www.oldradio.com/archives/international/finland.html (last visited ) http://www.tampere.fi/mediamuseo/radio_en.htm (last visited )

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