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1922 __ « Wireless at Home » — Everybody's Guide to receiving wireless news, concerts and messages »
Captain H. de Alva Donisthorpe (?-?)
Comment : An early publication concerning domestic radio reception in the UK. Broacast receiving licences, how to regognise a "call" , adjustment of crystal, time signals by wireless, stations likely to be heard, etc. A photo of the "2MT masts at Writtle. Station list includes Spark Gap transmitters, CW stations and 'Telephony' from 2MT at Writtle! A 48 page paperback booklet with illustrations, diagrams and advertisements etc. (Compiled from various sources)In mid 1922 Donisthorpe wrote a small booklet which he described as "Everybody's Guide to receiving wireless news, concerts and messages". But even at that date the amateur community had to await the advent of BBC broadcasting and what was on offer in the way of telephony generally ammounted to little more that what Donisthorpe had himself provided for his men back in 1917 (Donisthorpe, H. de A. "Wireless at Home"). Donisthorpe was not the first to think of using wireless telephony for entertainment. That idea went back to the beginning, with Fessenden's work, with that of de Forest in America and with Braillard's in Belgium. But the idea of broadcasting as mass entertainment with sets in every home was another matter. Perhaps the first man in Britain to have any vision of what might be was Arthur Burrows. (Brian & John Hennessy)
Source : Hennessy, Brian & John (2005), "The emergence of broadcasting in Britain", Southerleigh, pp. 42-43.
Source : Donisthorpe, H. de Alva. (1922), "Wireless at Home — Everybody's Guide to receiving wireless news, concerts and messages", London: Percival Marshall Publisher.
Urls : http://www.antiquewireless.org/otb/radiola0708.htm (last visited )

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