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1956 __ Electronic Voice Phenomena — EVP
Attila von Szalay (?-?)
Comment : In USA, the californian Attila von Szalay, conceived of the possibility of registering the voices occurring in mediumistic sessions. He connected a microphone to a steel wire Recorder, and got some registrations. The results were published in the American Society for Psychical Research Bulletin. (Compiled from various sources)The psychic Attila von Szalay, who frequently heard disembodied voices in the air around him, started researching the phenomenon with Raymond Bayless, a psychologist in the early 1950s. Their initial attempts with a 78 RPM Pack-Bell record-cutter and player were disappointing. Undeterred, they continued their efforts using a device that Bayless had devised and constructed. It consisted of a cabinet with an interior microphone resting inside a speaking trumpet. The microphone chord led out of the cabinet and was connected to a tape recorder and a loud speaker. Almost immediately, they began to hear whispers originating from inside the cabinet and duly recorded them. In 1956, they produced an article documenting their research for the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research. Von Szalay carried on taping for many years using an open microphone connected to a reel-to-reel recorder and he achieved excellent results. (Mark Poysden)
French comment : La Transcommunication instrumentale ou EVP en anglais, désigne la présence d'une provenance inconnue d'un message linguistique sur un enregistrement audio. On y prête une interprétation occulte ou paranormale. Dans les années 1930, un américain du nom d'Attila von Szalay aurait essayé diverses techniques pour capturer la voix des esprits. Dans les années 50 avec l'aide d'un ami, il prétend avoir isolé des voix seulement audible durant la réécoute de ses enregistrements. (Compiled from various sources)
Urls : http://www.anomalist.com/features/evp.html (last visited ) http://www.worlditc.org/a_02_macy_itc_history.htm (last visited )

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