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1951 __ « See It Now »
Comment : "See It Now," CBS-TV's first news documentary series, debuts, showing viewers the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans simultaneously: a wonder made possible by the newly laid coaxial cable. The program becomes the first live coast-to-coast commercial television broadcast and runs through July 7, 1958. The program, hosted by Edward R. Murrow, produced by Fred Friendly and directed by Don Hewitt, is credited as inventing the television news documentary as we know it. (November 18, 1951).Its first episode, on November 18, 1951, opened with the first live simultaneous coast-to-coast TV transmission from both the East Coast (the Brooklyn Bridge and New York Harbor) and the West Coast (the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay), as reporters on both sides of the North American continent gave live reports to Murrow, who was sitting in the control room on CBS' Studio 41 with director Don Hewitt. (Compiled from various sources)1950 - 40 million American homes owned radio sets (94% of all households), up from the 30 million in 1942 (84%) and the 20 million in 1934 (65%). (Source : history.acusd.edu. The “I Can Hear It” Now records, which interwove historical events and speeches with Murrow narration, became such a commercial success that the partnership developed a radio series for CBS that also creatively used taped )The year 1950 brought the beginning of the Korean war, and Murrow traveled there to report the events. The reporter presented weekly digests of news called “Hear It Now” which was based on the format of an earlier project, “I Can Hear It Now”. “I Can Hear It Now” presented history through recorded speeches and news broadcasts of the featured event and was produced by Murrow and Fred W. Friendly. The success of “I Can Hear It Now” and “Hear It Now” led to the creation of “See It Now” which translated the established format to television. (Information Services Branch of the State Library)
French comment : “See It Now” était un magazine télévisé d'information et de documentaires américain, diffusé sur CBS dans les années 1950. Il a été créé par Fred W. Friendly et Edward R. Murrow et présenté par Murrow. L'émission a gagné plusieurs récompenses, dont le prix Emmy en 1953, 1954, 1957, et 1958, et le prix Peabody en 1952. L'émission était une adaptation de l'émission radiophonique “Hear It Now”, également produite par Fred W. Friendly et Edward R. Murrow. (Compiled from various sources)
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